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Another great one from Kaje!

Sole Support - Kaje Harper

4.5 stars

I really enjoyed this. Actually I think I liked this one more than Mac and Tony! and thats saying something!

I started out not really liking Kellen at all, then loving him, then hating him again. Mike was a bit of a doormat because his shyness made him so vulnerable and I think Kellen used him a fair bit in the beginning. Come to think about it, he used him for most of the story because he was in total denial about what Mike meant to him. Poor Mike, I really felt for him as his shyness was crippling.

Kellen was a manwhore and user and was always denying his feelings for Mike. Mike, well he annoyed me at times. I really wanted him to grow a pair and tell Kellen what he really wanted. His shyness and awkward tendency to babble made it really hard for him. (I could see why he was a (view spoiler). If this was in a het romance book I would have shut it down from the beginning, marked it as unrealistic and not even bother with the book, but Kaje made it work. That just goes to show her talent as an established author.

It was quite heart wrenching at times to hear about Kellens mum. I've been through the same thing so the writing was really touching and very realistic. The emotions that he went through were so aching my husband was wondering why I was teary so much. I didn't cry and sob, but there was definite tears.

I loved the slow realistic timeframe for a relationship, no instalove here! Great!! I liked Corinne, Mikes overbearing sister and all the other side characters. I would have loved to hear Art and Patricks story, maybe Kaje will give us prequel? (hint hint)

So why not 5 stars? I wanted more, not just for the story to continue as it was long enough, but I wanted to see how they would do when (view spoiler). I also wanted a longer epilogue. It felt more of a HFN then a HEA.

Well done Kaje!