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Cliches galore!!

Worthy of Redemption - L.D. Davis

I'll get right down to it.


Is Kyle still a douchebag? Yes

Is Kyle still a selfish asshole? Yes

Did he deserve redemption? IMO no, but it probably depends on how you look at his story. His past is not pretty and you get to learn about it, not greatly but enough to understand him. Does abuse beget abuse? No, but apparently it does here.


Lily - now theres another. She is a selfish creature and I didn't like her at all. It was all about her and she didn't give a shit about anyone else.

They deserved each other.


The whole story was filled with cliches. The only one it didn't cover was virginity. I was quite surprised by this, as every other one was included. Psycho stalker, suicide attempt, estranged family, family tragedy, abusive parents, illegitimate children, kidnapping, pregnancy and of course the predictable ending with a HEA. (cliches not in storyline order) You name it, it was there. I would have really liked to see them all die in a fiery helicopter crash, just to break the cliches, but apparently no one has any storylines of their own anymore. This just seems to be a recycled story from the thousands of others out there at the moment.


I can't believe I wasted a whole day reading this.

I did enjoy the couple of chapters with Emmy and Luke, although it really wasn't necessary for the storyline.


In saying all this the writing style was quite good, I just wish it wasn't a recycled storyline.