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Laugh out loud funny but not really a romance...

The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen - Valerie Z. Lewis

This one is quite hard to rate.
Its very very funny with quite a lot of laugh out loud moments.  My husband was looking at me weirdly a lot of the time.  Of course I couldn't tell him what I was laughing at as he just wouldn't get it.
Doug is beyond stupid and I'm pretty sure people like him have been Darwined out of existence by now.  But he was extremely refreshing and every now and then came up with something very profound. 
I liked that he was the perfect match for Stephen.  Stephen hates the world and everyone in it.  Never smiles and is basically as arse to everyone.  But Doug makes him smile - a little anyway.
This isn't really a romance and all sex is behind closed doors.  We get some kissing action but that's it.  This is more of a comedy.  There is no HEA, its more like a 'happy for today' ending.  I don't think the way the story was told it would have supported a HEA, but it ended the right way.
If you need a good laugh and don't mind extreme stupidity with no sex, this is the book for you!