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No dark bits here!

Seeing Red - E.L. Esch, Fiona Jayde
I thought this was going to be quite dark being 2 ex cons coming to terms with the abuse they suffered whilst in prison, but it wasn't. 

They were both abused and found this as a foot hold to start their relationship but you didn't really hear about what they went through. Silo dealt with his abuse quite well. He can't change it so why worry about it now. I liked his outlook on life and it fit his personality quite well. Red on the other hand had a lot of trouble coming to terms with not only the abuse he suffered but the betrayal by his sister. It wasn't overly fleshed out but good enough to fit the story. 

I would have liked a bit more angst and a bit more romance, but thats just me. The ending felt a little too forced, as if the author felt that it needed something dramatic to finish it off but wasn't sure what. The ending wasn't detailed enough for me and this would have been a great part to delve into with lots of emotion and drama, and have the ending finish on a huge emotional high. 

Despite all that it was still quite a good read if you want a prison story with no dark bits.