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It may be a cold place but it heart warming....

Cold - Brandon Shire

4.5 stars. I'm typing this through the tears so everything looks very blurry right now. That ending..... HolyOhMyGod!

I really enjoyed this. Everything felt very real, from the prison setting to the side characters and even the guards. I love Lem! God how could you not love this man!

I have only one gripe with this story really. When Lem and Anderson get together finally (doesn't happen until about half way through), it feels like there's bits missing. They have their first encounter in the shower (which is going into my top ten images to be put to use later on ;) ). But then the story seems to skip some time (a few weeks, a month?) and they're on the bunk playing a board game stealing glances. I would have liked to see the relationship develop between the uneasy to the completely comfortable. Even if it's just their inner monologue it was needed for the relationship development.

Back to that ending. Oh me oh my! I guess it had to come some time. I'm just so happy that part two is almost here!!!